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Introducing the Doby SW82: A symphony of dual-channel slimline Subwoofer, meticulously crafted to redefine your auditory realm. Elevating from the Doby range, this bass-reflex Subwoofer emerges as the veritable reference, an embodiment of acoustic splendor that echoes from the heart of BHARATH, the very cradle of BHAva, RAga, and THala.

Conceived by our visionary team of engineers, the LS-SW82 marries the realms of Hi-Fi precision and Home Cinema grandeur, cocooning your auditory universe in a cloak of profound and controlled bass. Seamlessly melding with your Home Cinema ensemble, its commanding resonance transports you into realms of unrivaled realism, immersing you in a sensory tapestry that resonates with genuine splendor.

A true chameleon, the LS-SW82 conceals itself with poise, masquerading as a timeless Photoframe within your inner sanctum. A masterpiece of dual-channel prowess, each channel entrusted to a resplendent 203mm diameter PFCS Subwoofer driver, imbuing every note with an unparalleled potency. This driver, a paragon of finesse and strength, delivers a symphony of punch, precision, and an unrelenting rhythmic cadence that resonates through your very core.

No Gimmicks, Only Ecstacy!!

A thoughtfully orchestrated ported design harmonizes with the sublime to engender a bass extension that is both profound and profound, infusing your auditory canvas with a luxuriant richness that sways the soul. The result? A replication of the original sound signal in all its unadulterated magnificence, ensuring a listening experience that is as authentic as it is transformative.

Draped in resplendent High Gloss, its front panel exudes an aura of contemporary elegance, a timeless ode to modernity. Beneath this façade lies a specially engineered MDF cabinet, impervious to the tremors of internal vibrations. The LS-SW82 stands tall, its cabinet dampening technology unrivaled, casting a hushed spell over your sanctum, and serving as a testament to the exquisite harmony of art and engineering. This, dear connoisseurs, is not merely a Subwoofer; it is a whispered promise of an auditory odyssey where elegance reigns, and where you, the discerning elite, reign supreme.

Presenting the Doby SW82: a testament to refined elegance and sonic brilliance. Crafted exclusively for the discerning connoisseurs, this masterpiece boasts the distinctive PFCS cone, adorning each Woofer to usher you into an unparalleled auditory realm. An exclusive Doby innovation, this composite cone unleashes dynamic sound and formidable power, bestowing the loudspeaker with a charismatic allure, all while preserving pristine clarity within the performance spectrum.

An embodiment of contemporary luxury, the SW82 is more than mere performance; it’s an emblem of sophistication inherent to the DOBY lineage. Adorned with lavish luxury finishes, its exterior seamlessly integrates with your aesthetic milieu. The front panel’s minimalist design provides a blank canvas, ready to embrace your chosen art masterpieces, seamlessly blending visual artistry with auditory excellence.

Beneath the surface, a well-guarded secret awaits: a Proprietary Dampened ultra-rigid specially engineered MDF construction. A pinnacle of engineering ingenuity, it creates an environment of remarkably low vibrations, ensuring that your auditory experience remains undisturbed. Within this realm, your woofers resonate with eloquence, while the cabinets maintain a dignified silence.

Embark on a journey where elegance intertwines with sonic mastery, where luxury finds its sonic reflection. The Doby SW82 beckons you into a world where pure, unadulterated resonance reigns – an invitation extended exclusively to those who seek perfection in both art and sound.

Technology in this Product

Dive headfirst into the pinnacle of audio innovation as we proudly introduce our cutting-edge subwoofer, a masterpiece meticulously crafted to elevate your sonic encounters. Behold the PFCS Cone Technology, a marvel of engineering that unleashes a symphony of unrivaled clarity, effortlessly establishing a new standard in acoustic excellence. Prepare to be transported to realms unknown as the dynamic soundscapes weave a tapestry of emotions, each note resonating with an ethereal quality that only our subwoofer can provide. High power handling? Consider it conquered. Our subwoofer stands poised to effortlessly channel immense power, transforming your auditory desires into a tangible reality.

Picture this: extreme cone control that maintains sonic integrity even at the zenith of performance, yielding an audio encounter devoid of compromise. And the bass? Brace yourself for an experience that transcends auditory perception – a bass that not only reverberates through the air but makes its presence felt within the very fabric of your being.

Marvel at the cabinet, a fortress of sonic sanctity meticulously designed to repel vibrations and maintain audio sanctity, ensuring that every nuance, every whisper, and every crescendo are delivered with breathtaking precision. Our innovation extends beyond the audible realm, seamlessly integrating into your living space with a low-profile design that disguises its power beneath the façade of an elegant photo frame. It’s more than just a subwoofer; it’s a masterpiece that bridges the gap between technology and artistry.

But that’s not all – our industry-leading cabinet dampening technology eliminates unwanted vibrations, presenting a pure auditory canvas for your listening pleasure. And with a purpose-built MDF cabinet, stability and performance become unwavering constants, ensuring that the symphony of excellence persists over time.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve ventured beyond the limits of convention to deliver a subwoofer that encapsulates the epitome of audio sophistication. This is more than a product; it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Join us in embracing a new era of auditory indulgence – where innovation is not just a word, but a symphony composed by the maestros of modern sound.

Premium Finish

In a pursuit of elevating the Doby LS-SW82 to unprecedented heights, the discerning designers have meticulously curated Ultra Luxury finishes that effortlessly merge opulence with unparalleled durability. An inimitable signature is artfully woven into a minimalist front panel, exuding an air of sophistication that finds its aesthetic counterpart only in the realm of luxury yachts.



DOBY Cabinet Construction

The design and manufacturing of a  Doby subwoofer box involves a meticulous blend of engineering precision and acoustic finesse. The process begins with careful consideration of the subwoofer’s specifications, including size, power, and frequency response. Engineers at Doby then utilize advanced software to model and optimize the box’s internal volume, porting, and damping materials to achieve optimal bass response. Precision cutting bracing and assembly techniques are employed to create an airtight and rigid enclosure that minimizes vibrations and resonances. The choice of materials, such as high-density MDF lined with proprietary lining material, critical in maintaining structural integrity and enhancing sound quality. The final step involves thorough testing to ensure the subwoofer box produces deep, accurate, and distortion-free bass, delivering an immersive audio experience that enriches your music and home theater setups.

Proprietary BoX brace

Introducing our groundbreaking Loudspeaker Cross Bracing system, a cutting-edge innovation in loudspeaker design. Developed by our acoustics experts, this technology revolutionises structural integrity and in-turn audio quality. The system features braces strategically placed within the speaker cabinet to mitigate vibrations and resonances, ensuring unparalleled sound fidelity. Meticulously designed and tested, the cross braces create an ultra-rigid framework, reducing energy loss and enabling precise driver operation. The result is immersive audio with reduced distortion, elevated dynamic range, and enhanced durability. The integration of structural integrity, vibration mitigation, and acoustic optimisation sets a new industry standard. Experience pure, precise, and captivating sound – a testament to our commitment to advancing audio technology. Welcome to the future of loudspeaker excellence.

Technical Specification LS-148 Lilliput SPEAKER MODULES

Particulars Details
50 to 200 w RMS
Freq response
30-250kHz +/- 3 dB. In-room response.
Form Factor
Wall Mounted Lowprofile Subwoofer
80 dB/1 watt @ 1 meter.
Input Terminals
Gold Plated Banana Binding Post
Enclosure type
Bass reflex Rear firing.
4 - 8 Ohms
Low-frequency driver
Dual 8-inch Fabric and Treated paper pulp matrix cone on a single 1.5-inch voice coil on aluminum former and copper wire for distortion-free sound and excellent heat dissipation for effortless acoustic reproduction

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