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LS-148 Lilliput

Mini Tower

Presenting the illustrious Doby LS-158 Lilliput, a miniature marvel in the realm of 3-way bass-reflex floorstanding loudspeakers, meticulously curated from the esteemed Doby range. Meticulously designed, developed, and masterfully crafted in BHARATH, the Cradle of BHAva, RAga, and Thala, this auditory gem showcases the eminent PFCS cone, imparting a transcendent symphony within the intimate confines of your abode. Doby’s exclusive proprietary composite cone orchestrates a symphony of dynamism and high-power prowess, while preserving the essence of sonic integrity by minimizing cone breakup across its performance spectrum.

No Gimmicks, Only Ecstacy!!

The midrange prowess is entrusted to a high-sensitivity midrange driver, meticulously engineered for tiers beyond the Lilliput’s stature. Silken trebles cascade forth from the tone-matched IRIS Tweeter, effortlessly harmonizing with the Steampunk Midrange driver, meticulously calibrated to sweep you off your feet from the comfort of your regal seat. Beyond its astounding performance, this auditory masterpiece boasts a design that transcends time, elegantly graced by opulent finishes reserved exclusively for the DOBY lineage. The front panel, a testament to steampunk allure, maintains its mystique with grills removed, and embraces minimalist grandeur with grills adorning its presence

Technology in this Product

Indulge in the reassurance that the model’s Proprietary Dampened ultra-rigid specially engineered MDF construction enshrouds your listening sanctum in a cocoon of serenity, redefining acoustic neutrality while diminishing the faintest tremor. Revel in the symphony of your woofers, liberated from the shackles of resonance, serenading your senses with unadulterated brilliance.

Behold the multifaceted Doby LS-158, a versatile auditory gem that graciously ascends to the role of Main channels within the grandeur of Hometheater opulence or a sanctuary of refined acoustics within your personal two-channel haven. Its domain extends graciously to rooms as intimate as 120 sqft (11m²), enveloping you in sonic splendor, best enjoyed at a recommended distance of 5ft (1.6m). Prepare to embark on an immersive journey of sonic opulence, where assertion converges with timeless elegance, tailored exclusively for the discerning tastes of the privileged few.7

Premium Finish

In the relentless pursuit of elevating the Doby LS-158 to unprecedented heights, our visionary designers have meticulously curated the opulent Luxury Candy finishes, harmoniously merging opulence with enduring resilience. This symphony of luxury and durability has been painstakingly chosen to cater to the discerning tastes of the privileged few who revel in the pinnacle of extravagance.

A distinctive signature, seamlessly interwoven with a mesmerizing minimalist/steampunk front panel, allows you to tailor the look to your exacting preferences – from minimalist sophistication to opulent extravagance, harmonizing flawlessly with your interiors and reflecting the very essence of your mood.


The result is a symphony of elegance and versatility, a masterpiece that not only redefines aesthetics but also embodies a testament to your refined sensibilities, transforming your auditory haven into an embodiment of your personal style.

Technical Specification LS-148 Lilliput SPEAKER MODULES

Particulars Details
Frequency Range
60Hz - 20kHz in room response
Power Handling
10 – 200 Watts RMS recommended amplifier power
99dB for 2.83 volts at 1 metre
4 Ohms
2-way D'Appolito
Enclosure Type
Bass reflex, front vented
Low Frequency Driver
Double 205mm (8”) paper cone driver. 51.2mm (2”) voice coil wound on high powered KAPTON former, with ventilated magnet assembly and copper shorting ring for low distortion, and Acoustically Inert Cast Aluminium Basket
High Frequency Driver
76mm (3”) doped fibre dome with large roll surround. Coupled to a HAVIS Audio Labs Proprietary 60 x 60 Progressive Medium throw Image Control waveguide
Input Terminals
Robust Banana socket and Threaded Binding-post terminals
1090mm high x 305mm wide x 270mm deep
40kg each

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