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Introducing the Doby LS-4146, an exquisite bass-reflex loudspeaker that sets an unparalleled benchmark within the Doby range. Crafted, conceived, and meticulously produced in BHARATH, the Birthplace of BHAva, RAga, and Thala, this masterpiece embodies a 3.5-way design. Imbued with the PFCS cone, it promises a transcendent auditory odyssey within the confines of your home sanctuary. An exclusive marvel by Doby, this composite cone orchestrates dynamic soundscapes and elevated power resilience, all while ensuring minimal cone breakup throughout its performance spectrum.

No Gimmicks, Only Ecstacy!!

Ethereal trebles are bestowed by the tone-matched IRIS Tweeter, seamlessly harmonizing with the meticulously tuned Steampunk Midrange driver, promising an immersive sonic journey that envelops and enthralls. Beyond its resplendent performance, this sonic marvel presents itself in a modern design bedecked with opulent finishes, reserved solely for the esteemed DOBY lineage. The front facade exudes an elegant steampunk motif, embodying a fusion of aesthetics and auditory prowess.

Technology in this Product

Lastly, the model’s Proprietary Dampened ultra-rigid specially engineered MDF construction bestows a sanctuary of serenity, quelling vibrations and championing unwavering neutrality from within the cabinet’s heart. Embrace the assurance that it is the woofers that serenade, and not the cabinets that resonate.

The Doby 4146 finds its harmonious place as the quintessential LCR channel component in Lifestyle Statement Hometheater applications, where rooms echo with dimensions starting from 220 sqft (20m²), inviting listeners to a recommended 10ft (3.3m) distance. It elevates the art of auditory indulgence, an assertive embodiment of aural sophistication that commands attention with its captivating and authoritative demeanor.

Premium Finish

In the relentless pursuit of elevating the Doby 4146 to unparalleled heights, our visionary designers have curated Ultra Luxury finishes of exceptional durability. A symphony of opulence and longevity, these finishes have been meticulously chosen to cater to the refined tastes of the connoisseurs of luxury.


A distinctive signature, elegantly entwined with a mesmerizing steampunk front panel, imparts an aura of exclusivity that speaks volumes of sophistication and distinction. The result is a masterpiece that not only refines aesthetics but also exudes an aura of commanding opulence, tailored exclusively for the esteemed aficionados of the finest luxuries life has to offer.

Technical Specification LS-148 Lilliput SPEAKER MODULES

Particulars Details
10 to 100 w RMS
Freq response
45-20kHz +/- 3 dB. In-room response.
Form Factor
Medium Format Bookshelf
83 dB/1 watt @ 1 meter.
Input Terminals
Gold Plated Banana Binding Post
Enclosure type
Bass reflex Side firing woofer with front-firing Port
4 Ohms
3.5-way D’Appolito
Low-frequency driver
6-inch Fabric and Treated paper pulp matrix cone on a single 1-inch voice coil on aluminum former and copper wire for distortion-free sound and excellent heat dissipation for effortless acoustic reproduction
Mid-frequency driver
5-inch Treated paper 1-inch voice coil on aluminum former and copper wire for distortion-free sound and excellent heat dissipation for effortless acoustic reproduction
High-Frequency driver
1-inch silk dome iris Tweeter for ultra-low distortion High-Frequency response with wide dispersion pattern for wider sweet spot.

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